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Author: Carolyn Boyce
My Collection of Historical Black Churches and their Roles in NAACP
Author: Carolyn Crayton-Matthews
School Desegregation in Memphis and the Surrounding Areas
Author: Tangey Skinner
School Desegregation in Memphis
Author: Sharon Hardin
Orange Mound News and events
Author: Sharon Hardin
lynchings during the 1950s and 1960s
Author: A.C. Davis
memphis sports and music archives
Author: Cleaborn-Foote Homes Team
newspaper articles with details about the area
Author: Charles Merritt
Doctor Venson documentary
Author: Teacher 1
sample collection from participants at the ASD PD - Memphis World articles about well-known Civil Rights leaders and events
Author: Josh Smith
This collection of maps shows the geographic changes of Memphis over time in correlation with significant social factors.