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Author: Crossroads Collections
Harold Ford and Geeter HS
Author: Crossroads Collections
This collection of 247 interviews was created from 1968-1972 by the Memphis Search for Meaning Committee to document the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968. Digitized in partnership with the University of Memphis.
Author: Crossroads Collections
Interviews conducted by Summer History Interns(high school students in the Knowledge Quest program) of residents from their South Memphis community.
Author: Crossroads Collections
Interviews with Fred Davis and James Netters (two of the three African-American members of the Memphis City Council in 1968) conducted shortly after the MLK Assassination and more recently.
Author: Crossroads Collections
Student papers from Professor Michael P. Johnson's students about the March 28, 1968 Sanitation Strike march.
Author: James Lanier
White moderates in Memphis began in the late 50's and early 60's to prepare for changes that they suspected were inevitable. In 1958, Mayor Edmond Orgill established the Memphis Committee on Human Relations and appointed leading citizens to it, both black and white. Someone suggested that anyone working with the NAACP should not be a part of the committee. Admitting blacks to the major professional theatre in the city proved to be more difficult than allowing blacks to sit with whites at wrestling matches.
Author: Avery Pribila
Interviews with people who taught in the Memphis City School System during the Civil Rights Movement.
Author: Amber James
Religion played a crucial role during the civil rights movement. This collection provides insight into the religious influence in various people's lives during this time, including the perspective of reverends from different denominations. Their reflections reveal similar struggles, but similar means of activism as well.
Author: Amber James
This is a collection of interviews with judges, lawyers, and Memphis city officials, both past and present, practicing and retired. Many issues are discussed, from the cases for integration to the Sanitation Workers Strikes.
Author: Zach Harpole
This collection contains documents related to the history of Memphis' Manassas High School. Paying particular interest to the rich musical heritage of this school, this collection should provide an interesting look into one of the city's oldest schools.
Author: Marjorie Williams
memphis integration
Author: Carolyn Boyce
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