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Sales Letter from America's Best Attractions
Undated form Letter from Allan Bell, America's Best Attractions, presumably to Club Handy. Includes a mention of Ernie Fields

Interview with Bobby Rush
This is an interview with Bobby Rush. He talks about his experiences playing on the Chitlin' Circuit. He also discusses how
Oct 18, 2011
Digital Video

Memphis World: Holiday Freedom Ball At Club Paradise
The Intercollegiate chapter of the local NAACP is sponsoring a Holiday Freedom Ball at Club Paradise on Wednesday right, Dec.
Dec 25, 1965

The popular Artists & Models will start off the holiday weekend with a big dance at Club Paradise, 645 East Georgia, this Friday
Sep 4, 1965

Club Handy Poster for Hank Crawford
Poster from a show at Club Handy (195 Hernando St., Memphis) featuring legendary saxophone player Hank Crawford.
May 31, 1964

Memphis World: New Daisy Bringing Live Show Back To Beale St.
Live shows vaudeville to those who can remember way back when are returning to famous Beale Street. The New Daisy Theatre will
Apr 6, 1963

Special Tax Certificates for Drug Stores circa 1963
Beale Street Collection from the Memphis Public Library Interesting Tax returns for the C. Pantaze Drug Store, seemingly

Memphis World: To Unveil Statue Of W. C. Handy
A bronze statue of the late "Father of the Blues", W. C. Handy, is scheduled to be unveiled in the W. C. Handy Park on Beale St.
Apr 13, 1960

Memphis World: CLUB NEWS
A local club of beauties who live up to their name, held their Annual. Sweetheart's Ball at Club Handy. Dressed in enchanting
Mar 7, 1959

Club Handy Poster c. 1959
 Poster from the late 1950's or early 1960's (probably 1959) advertising a February 23 show at Club Handy (195 Hernando St.,
Feb 23, 1959

Club Handy Poster - Charles Taylor's Bronze Manikin Revue
Poster from the 1950's or 1960's advertising a 5 day show at Club Handy (195 Hernando St., Memphis) featuring Charles Taylor's
Sep 26, 1958

Club Handy Poster - Labor Day Breakfast Dance
Poster from 1958 (?)advertising a Labor Day Breakfast Dance at Club Handy (195 Hernando St., Memphis) given by the Cloudbusters
Sep 1, 1958