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Women's Ku Klux Klan
This memo argues that The Women of the KKK are a completely separate organization from the Knights of the KKK. The two are
typed document

Mack's Discount Salvage Store Receipt
A receipt from 1972 notes payment for night sticks, helmet liners, a large knife, and a gun rack. From the Brownsville Klan
Oct 27, 1972

Anti-Julian Bond Cartoon
This poster portrays Julian Bond as a primitive African native whose main interests are white women and welfare. From the
Jul 4, 1967

The True Story of the Ku Klux Klan
This four page tract, claiming to reveal the true history of the KKK, traces the roots of the Klan to the dawn of civilization

Mid-South School of Anti-Communism
This brochure announces an anti-communist crusade to be held each evening during the week of April 25-29, 1966, in Memphis and

Imperial Office Newsletter
A newsletter from the national office of the United Klans of America condemns pornographic movies and encourages picketing at

Pillbox Press Memphis VA Hospital
A newsletter from the VA Hospital in Memphis lists events for the week of August 7-13, 1972, which suggests that (alias: Bob
August, 1972

Day Nursery
This hand-written note describes a day care center where a black teacher enrolls one black student with a few whites in order to

The Klan's Future in Tennessee
This bulletin announces a public meeting at Ellis Auditorium in Memphis on July 15, 1972, where the Klan's political goals will

UKA Banishment Decrees
A series of letters (5 total) banishing Klan members for violating the oath of allegiance and conspiring against the Klan or its

Message to Our White Brothers
A satirical message, written as though it were composed by blacks, thanks whites for not joining the KKK. From the Brownsville

Letter from the Peabody Demonstration School
(Name Redacted) expresses appreciation to Mr. (Alias: Bob West) for agreeing to meet with students at the Peabody Demonstration