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Memo on Klan Traditions
This three page document is drawn from Klan resolutions and outline the central traditions of the Klan: Christianity, preserving

A History of the Klan
A hand-written summary of the Klan's founding in Pulaski, Tennessee, after the Civil War. Its founders are described as

The Klan's Future in Tennessee
This bulletin announces a public meeting at Ellis Auditorium in Memphis on July 15, 1972, where the Klan's political goals will

The True Story of the Ku Klux Klan
This four page tract, claiming to reveal the true history of the KKK, traces the roots of the Klan to the dawn of civilization

Women's Ku Klux Klan
This memo argues that The Women of the KKK are a completely separate organization from the Knights of the KKK. The two are
typed document

UKA Is a Gentile Organization
A typewritten document stating the principals and goals of the UKA, possible localized for this specific Klan group. From the

Membership Interest Card
This enrollment form for the United Klans of America encourages white protestant gentiles to join to maintain segregation and

UKA Banishment Decrees
A series of letters (5 total) banishing Klan members for violating the oath of allegiance and conspiring against the Klan or its

Imperial Office Newsletter
A newsletter from the national office of the United Klans of America condemns pornographic movies and encourages picketing at

Message to Our White Brothers
A satirical message, written as though it were composed by blacks, thanks whites for not joining the KKK. From the Brownsville

Handwritten List of events
A handwritten list of dates, places (Maryville, Milan and Memphis) and events, on UKA stationery. From the Brownsville Klan

Meeting Minutes from December 12, 1966
These minutes of a meeting of Klavern 10 on December 12, 1966, with six members present, focus on the definition of a quorum and
Dec 12, 1966